VIDEO: Epic stretcher fail in Israeli second division match

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Okay, I’ve just stopped laughing in time to write this up. Just.

My word, what the heck was going on!?

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In an Israeli second division match, Maccabi Ahi Nazareth and Maccabi Herzliya went head-to-head and Nazareth midfielder Amjad Sulaiman suffered a left ankle injury.

It looked fairly serious so on came the two medics with a stretcher to carry him off for treatment. Or so we thought…

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Click play on the video above to see the hilarity ensue as one medic just couldn’t get the hang of it and the player fell off the stretcher. I believe this comes under the category of: “you had one job.”

My favorite part is the fact that the medic then shrugs it off after the Nazareth player pushes away the stretcher flippantly.

The injured player is then carried to the sidelines by his own teammate and the shoddy medic then wanders over to his seat and sits two yards away from the injured man getting treatment. Priceless.

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BONUS: If you love the video above, you’ll love this from a few years ago. Man, this stretcher fail is epic.