Premier League clubs cap ticket prices for away fans

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On Wednesday all 20 Premier League teams announced they had a agreed a landmark deal to cap ticket prices for away fans.

The three-year agreement will being for the 2016-17 PL season and will see away fans charged no more than $45 (£30) for tickets.

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After requests from supporters across the league, due to increased prices in travel and other costs, all 20 clubs have decided to help subsidize tickets for their traveling fans.

In a statement on the Premier League website, the league said the decision taken by its member clubs was “unanimous” and the presence of away fans at stadiums “distinguishes the Barclays Premier League matches from those of other leagues.”

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It is a wonderful move from the clubs as the atmosphere generated in stadiums is truly better when there’s 2-5,000 away supporters throwing banter and chants back and forth with the home support.

Encouraging more supporters to travel to away games will only enhance the experience of attending PL games for everyone.

Below is the statement in full from the PL:

Premier League Clubs have unanimously agreed that for the next three seasons away fans will be able to attend Premier League matches and pay no more than £30 for each of their tickets.

Clubs know that away fans have a unique status. They are essential for match atmosphere and stimulate the response from home fans that distinguishes Barclays Premier League matches from those of other leagues.

This unique status has long been understood by Clubs, who currently provide away fans with a range of measures designed to assist them, including the Away Supporters’ Initiative (ASI), introduced in 2013.

Away fans have additional travel costs and pay individual match prices, as season ticket and other discounts are not available to them and the responsibility for them is shared between Clubs and therefore it is right that there is a collective initiative to help them.

At their last meeting on 4 February, 2016, the Clubs unanimously agreed that more should be done to help away fans and, after consideration of a range of options, have now decided to introduce the new £30 maximum price for away tickets.

The £30 away ticket cap will replace the ASI as a single, League-wide recognition of the importance of away fans for the three seasons 2016/17 to 2018/19.

Premier League Clubs are each responsible for their own ticket prices and offer a range of deals which make attending top flight football an option for millions of fans.

Premier League stadiums have been at least 90% full for each of the last 19 seasons. In 2014/15 and 2013/14 Premier League stadiums were 95.9% full.

From 2013/14, Clubs each invested £200,000 per season in ASI projects to incentivise away attendance.

Such work included free coach travel (Stoke City), reciprocal pricing (Newcastle United, Everton, Southampton, Stoke City), special trains for away fixtures (Chelsea) and ticket price reductions (Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool). A full list of what each Club deliver is here.

In March 2015 Premier League Clubs committed to investing in and supporting five key areas in the three seasons from 2016/17. The five key areas are: match-attending, fan facilities, participation, supporting disadvantaged groups, solidarity with lower leagues.