PSG’s Twitter account calls Diego Costa a “fraud” ahead of UCL clash

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Paris Saint-Germain’s Twitter account has banter.

But did they go too far?

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Ahead of PSG’s trip to Chelsea on Wednesday to play the Premier League side in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 second leg, the official Twitter account send out the message below.

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The Tweet has a pop at Diego Costa, the much vilified Chelsea striker who has wound up PSG’s fans and players both this season and last season for his antics on the pitch. I mean, it’s Costa, so we understand.

Costa is a man who plays on the edge, but is it right to say the following?

As you can see, the pictures included above are of superheroes such as Superman, Iron Man, Captain America etc. and then a photo of Costa wearing his now infamous mask is tucked away in there.

The heading “Spot the Fraud” remains at the bottom of every single photo and it is clear what PSG thinks of Costa. In a separate post, PSG Tweeted a photo of Thiago Silva among super heroes with the caption “spot your real hero.” 

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Look, I’m all for banter and clubs getting creative on social media but I think that directly calling out an opposition play in a negative manner like this is pretty tasteless. Costa can deal with it. He deals with fury from opposition fans every time he plays due to his bullish style in attack. But enticing the fans to direct their fury at one particular player is a little dangerous.

Speaking to the media ahead of the huge UCL clash at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday, turns out Chelsea’s interim boss Guus Hiddink wasn’t impressed either.

“I’m very proud of him the way he’s playing and, going not over the edge, but he likes to fight in the real way of the game,” Hiddink said. “That’s what we like. I protect him and support him when he’s doing what he has done in my period at Chelsea.”