Premier League secures four Champions League spots next season

Getty Images

Despite much speculation this year, Italy’s league coefficient will not take over England’s this season, meaning the Premier League will maintain its four Champions League places in the 2017/18 competition.

Thanks to Juventus blowing a 2-goal lead against Bayern Munich earlier Wednesday, there is just one Italian team remaining in Europe, with Lazio still in the Europa Leauge. Even if they were to win the competition, they mathematically cannot overtake England’s UEFA coefficient.

Many had been keeping close watch to see if Italy would snatch the fourth place from England – leaving the Premier League with just three spots – thanks to recent poor showings by English teams in Europe. This year has been no different, with Arsenal eliminated in Champions League play today, and Chelsea taken down yesterday. Only Manchester City remains in Europe’s top competition.

In the Europa League, Tottenham is in a 3-0 hole against Dortmund after the first leg, while only one of Liverpool and Manchester United can move on having been drawn against each other.

It’s been a competition of who can fail more in Europe this season between Italy and England. The Premier League saw both West Ham and Southampton bounced way back in the Europa League qualification phase, while Sampdoria was also ousted in the same stage. Tottenham defeated Fiorentina in the Round of 16, helping the Premier League.

In the Champions League, both Roma and Juventus advanced past the group stage, but Roma was demolished by Real Madrid, and Juventus saw a 4-2 aggregate lead erased in the final 17 minutes and lost in extra time.