Tony Pulis ordered to pay Crystal Palace millions in contract dispute

Getty Images

Former Crystal Palace manager and current West Brom boss Tony Pulis was ordered by a Premier League mediation panel to pay his old club a total of $4.6 million over a dispute about his contract.

Pulis earned a $2.8 million “survival bonus” for keeping Palace in the Premier League at the end of the 2013/14 season. The bonus wasn’t scheduled to be paid until the following season was under way, but Pulis asked for the payment to be given earlier. Palace owner Steve Parrish agreed.

The 58-year-old then quit the club just days before the start of the 2014/15 season, and Parrish brought him to court over the payment.

The mediation panel said that Pulis must pay back the bonus, plus a further $1.4 million fine for damages, a massive amount for a fine. Pulis is also required to pay for both sides’ legal fees, which is not factored into the $4.6 million. Pulis has not announced yet whether or not he will appeal the decision.

It’s a very expensive Wednesday indeed for the West Brom manager.