2022 World Cup in Qatar could see fans housed in desert tent-camps

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The selection of Qatar as the host nation for the 2022 World Cup has come with plenty of criticism, and with six years to go until the tournament, don’t expect that criticism to slow down.

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Besides the fact that the voting process was corrupted and the multiple human rights issues surrounding the ongoing construction, there is now a chance that there will not be enough hotels and apartments to house all the supporters expected to attend the World Cup.

Qatar’s solution: Have fans stay in makeshift tents in desert areas surrounding the stadiums.

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With Qatar unable to meet FIFA’s requirements to have an adequate amount of accommodations for supporters, they have suggested some people “sleep under the stars.” 

At the heart of this World Cup is a commitment to showcase the hospitality and friendship of the Middle East. As a result, we are actively researching the concept of supporters sleeping under the stars.

With six years to go, all options are still being explored but we are excited by the possibility of supporters enjoying a range of accommodations designed for all needs.

While this spokesperson is trying to spin the tent-camps into a way to spread culture, it is clearly a plan to circumnavigate regulations as Qatar struggles to complete the construction in time to host the World Cup.

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The tournament has already been moved from the summer to November due to the scorching heat in the Middle Eastern nation. Qatar’s very strict laws on alcohol have also been a topic of debate, with certain laws being put in place to allow alcohol consumption in special fan areas throughout the tournament.