Whitecaps have customized boots stolen from practice facility

Getty Images

The Vancouver Whitecaps had 32 pairs of boots stolen from their practice facility, mostly customized pairs owned by players, according to coach Carl Robinson.

Robinson was furious while speaking to reporters after practice, bringing up the subject unprompted and lashing out at both security and the thief.

“Just an example of what I have to deal with,” Robinson stated, “overnight we had 32 pairs of boots stolen. Someone’s managed to break in and steal my players’ boots, which is not acceptable, not good enough. I’ve got players without boots that have got their children’s names on them that mean a lot to them.”

“If anyone knows, please give me a call,” he said. “If you want boots, I’ll buy you boots, but please bring these special boots that these players wear back to me. Please.”

It is believed the boots were stolen sometime Monday night, following the club’s 1-0 home win over Houston on Saturday. The Whitecaps practice at the University of British Columbia.

According to Whitecaps defender Jordan Harvey, this isn’t the first, or even the second time this has happened.

Players tagged in Harvey’s picture, whom we can assume were also left bootless, were Pedro Morales, Sam Adenkugbe, Octavio Rivero, and David Ousted. All the shoes stolen were reportedly size 9 and 10, so it’s possible whoever committed the act was looking for special shoes to wear, not sell.