Atletico’s Luis brands Torres sending off “totally unfair”

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Atletico Madrid defender Filipe Luis is raging after goal scorer Fernando Torres was sent off for a pair of first-half yellow cards on Tuesday.

Atleti had taken a 1-0 lead on Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal’s first leg before Torres picked up a yellow card.

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His second came in the 35th minute after he clattered into Sergio Busquets.

It was needless. It was expensive (Barca won 2-1). And it was…

Totally unfair? Go on, Filipe…

From the BBC:

“Awful. It could have been worse but a lot better too. It was a totally unfair red card, his second foul and his second yellow. We knew that was going to happen, Barcelona in the Champions League. We have to play against everybody and everything.

“At half-time the manager said we needed an epic game to win. Now it will be difficult but we are still alive.”

Maybe the fouls to card ratio was a bit off for Luis’ liking — yellows were handed out like candy — but Torres’ risk while already sitting on yellow was silly.

To say Barca gets advantages is not unreasonable, but this example shouldn’t be considered emblematic of that particular problem.