Football Fansite Profile – SpursWeb


Answers courtesy of Neil Vaughan, Editor of SpursWeb.

MiB: Give us some background on SpursWeb. The who, what, when, where and why it began. And how it’s grown since its inception.

SW: SpursWeb began back in 1995. Jurgen Klinsmann’s departure to Bayern Munich was still fresh in our minds and our then chairman Alan Sugar was telling everyone who would listen that he wouldn’t wash his car with Klinsmann’s shirt. Since then we’ve grown to become one of the most popular independent Spurs sites on the net – we don’t take ourselves too seriously and always love to feature the views of Spurs fans from around the world – that’s what it’s about, the fans.

Our biggest claim to fame was when we got wind that the Judas, Sol Campbell was going to join Arsenal. This was in the pre-social media days and nobody believed us until he did the unthinkable – and we still haven’t forgiven him!

MiB: How do you feel about the surge of young talent coming through at Spurs (Kane, Alli, Dier)?

SW: I’m extremely proud of the young players we have at Tottenham, it’s refreshing to see us nurturing young talent after many years of trying to go out and spend big money on ‘proven’ players who turned out to be anything but. The fact that nine of the last 16 newly-capped England players – more than half – have been nurtured by Pochettino, it really does say it all about his philosophy.

MiB: This season’s most surprising storyline at Tottenham is ..

SW: Everything seems to be gelling perfectly at Spurs. We’ve got the perfect manager who has instilled a team spirit which is the envy of the rest of the Premier League. We’re finally seeing youth talent coming through the ranks and being given a chance to impress, our goal difference and defensive record is the best it has been in years – need I go on? It feels like it’s all surreal after the years of woe we have been used to. Things are certainly looking promising.

MiB: The one thing I would change at Tottenham is …

SW: Our set-pieces, for the life of us we still cannot seem to consistently deliver a good corner kick into the box. It typically fails to beat the first man, we’ve got plenty of aerial threats including Alderweireld and Kane – definitely room for improvement here.

MiB: Look into your crystal ball. How does the rest of the season play out for Tottenham?

SW: One part of the crystal ball tells me not to get carried away with how good things have been for Tottenham this season. We’re so used to disappointment whether it be the lasagne-gate, which ended up costing us Champions League football in 2007, finishing fourth only for Chelsea to win the Champions League which condemned us to the Europa League, so many “what if’s”. However, I really think the tide is turning in favour of Tottenham – the crystal ball is full of hope and promise. This won’t be another “Spursy” season – we’re going to finish third which would mean we’d escape the Champions League prelims, keep the likes of Hugo and Harry happy and sign some Galacticos in the summer transfer window – we can dream. COYS!!