Italian court wants six-month jail term for new Chelsea boss Conte

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Antonio Conte hasn’t even begun his tenure as Chelsea manager but he has a potential six-month jail term hanging over his head.

Conte, 46, signed a three-year deal to become Chelsea boss on Monday and will begin his new job in the Premier League on July 1.

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The current Italian national team manage will lead the Azzurri in the 2016 European Championships and then depart for Chelsea.

However, a preliminary court heart in Italy on Tuesday saw the prosecutor call for a suspended six-month jail sentence for Conte after allegations were made against him during a huge match-fixing scandal in Italy during the 2010-11 season.

Conte is accused of committing sports fraud when he was coach of Siena back in the 2010-11 but he denies any wrongdoing.

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The former Juventus player and manager was banned from soccer for four months during the 2012-13 season after it was revealed he didn’t report the alleged fixing at Siena when he was manager in 2010-11.

Conte is one of 100 suspects implicated in the Calcioscommesse investigation into widespread allegations of match-fixing in the Italy and the game in question regarding Conte was a Serie B encounter between Siena and Albinoleffe in May 2011 which his side won 1-0.

The case is being fast-tracked and the defense will give its statement to the court on Apr. 11, with a verdict expected in mid May.