Blanc: Man City the “guest club” of the UEFA Champions League semis


Man City fans will have a lot of fun with this one.

Paris Saint-Germain was dumped out of the UEFA Champions League by City on Tuesday, their 1-0 loss not enough to overcome last week’s 2-2 draw in France.

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After the match, PSG boss Laurent Blanc proffered these sentiments on City’s advancement to a first UCL semifinal.

From The Metro:

“Manchester City are the guest club invited to Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich’s party,” Blanc said.

Guest club, eh? By that logic, PSG would’ve been the guest club as well. And certainly it feels a bit like sour grapes.

Thinking about it, don’t you think “Guest club” could go down with “Noisy neighbors” in the lexicon of City talk?

Certainly a headline of “Guest Club heads to UCL Final” would work for me, even if the Premier League powers are likely to be the underdogs in their semifinal.