Report: Paris, Brussels attackers planned to target EURO 2016

Getty Images

A disturbing report from France has been confirmed by an American outlet.

Those responsible for the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels planned to target UEFA’s 2016 European Championships in France.

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French outlet Liberation stated that Mohamed Ibrini told police that the ISIS cell he was part of planned to target EURO 2016.

CNN has also confirmed the reports from Liberation regarding Ibrini’s comments.

Ibrini has been detained on suspicion of being part of the cell which carried out the Brussels attacks in March which killed 34 people and last November’s attacks in Paris which killed 130. So-called ISIS has since claimed responsibility for both attacks.

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During the Paris attacks on Nov. 13 there were explosions outside the Stade de France as attackers tried to get into the stadium where France were playing Germany in a friendly.

Days later a friendly between Germany and the Netherlands was canceled at the last minute as a suspicious vehicle was seen outside the stadium in Hanover, Germany.

It’s no real shock to hear that this terrorist cell was targeting the European Championships but it will certainly continue to raise awareness from fans and security officials not only in and around the stadiums in France but also in the fan zones in cities across the country during the month-long tournament this summer.