Chelsea’s Fabregas: Mourinho trusted players and we let him down

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Months after Jose Mourinho’s sacking at Chelsea, Cesc Fabregas has opened up a bit about what went wrong.

After leading the Blues to the Premier League title in 2014-15 in historic fashion, Chelsea found themselves in a relegation battle in December this season, which lead to Mourinho’s dismissal.

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Many wondered how a team that was so dominant could fall so quickly, with Mourinho often blamed in the press for pushing his players too hard.

However, according to Fabregas’ recent comments speaking to Sky Sportsit was the players who let down their manager.

A lot has been said, and many wrong things about that situation. I love Jose and consider him even my friend, we still keep in touch now and some of the things said were unfortunate.

I think his biggest problem was that he trusted us too much. He gave us more holiday because we were champions, he believed in us more, trusted us more, and we let him down. The whole team, all the players.

That was the main reason why at the end he had to go. And for that, myself and all the team, will feel bad for him.

Mourinho often seems to have a love-hate relationship with his players, and although it was reported that Fabregas and Jose ended on poor terms, it is clear the midfielder respects the work of his former manager.

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What truly happened at Chelsea that led to Mourinho’s sacking may never be known to people outside that dressing room, but another stern manager in Antonio Conte will come in this summer and hope similar events don’t take place. When asked about his knowledge of Conte, Fabregas had a simple answer: “All I know is that he wants to win straight away. No more transition, no more excuses.”