Chat Schnitzel, Get Beat? 2.Bundesliga club turned down Vardy


Jamie Vardy‘s remarkable rise to the forefront of Premier League strikers mirrors that of his club, Leicester City, in the league.

But the 29-year-old could’ve very well been plying his trade in Germany had he fit the age policy of Red Bull Leipzig.

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The 2.Bundesliga outfit was offered the striker by Vardy’s agent, only to reply that, at 27, Vardy didn’t fit their plans.

From Sport Bild, via Sky Sports:

“In the plane, the agent said to me ‘Mr Rangnick, it’s a crying shame that you are so radical about who you sign and only go for players who are under 24 because I’ve got somebody who would be just perfect for you. I can guarantee he would become a national team player under you, but he’s already 27’.

“It was Jamie Vardy.”

Rangnick recalled himself replying: “No, he’s 27 – we’re not doing it.”


RB Leipzig’s big money has the outfit primed for a Bundesliga promotion anyway, as they are four points clear of the promotion playoff spot in an automatic spot, but Vardy would’ve been nice.