Hiddink, Rose react to chaotic end to Chelsea-Spurs draw


The dust has settled after an insane London Derby finish between Tottenham and Chelsea, one which has been on the back burner thanks to the 2-2 draw handing Leicester its unlikely title.

So, looking back, wow! Twelve yellow cards set the tone for a post-match fracas with Diego Costa and Michel Vorm at the center. Watch the video above, as men became boys again.

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In the fray, Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink ends up on the ground despite his best intentions of playing peacemaker. And both the manager and Spurs defender Danny Rose were left questioning the fray.

From the BBC:

HIDDINK: “Everyone started dancing around and pushing around. More people became involved and we shuffled around. You must not have these type of incidents but it happens and at the end we must all calm down.”

The Dutchman also played down the incident that saw him pushed to the floor, adding: “If you have done some judo and wrestling you can easily fall. Even at my age, I had no problem to fall down.”

ROSE: “It is not nice to see for kids here or kids watching on TV, I apologise if it looked bad on TV,” said Rose.

“It is a London derby. It is to be expected. We wanted to win and they wanted to stop us having any more say in the title race.”

Forget the kids, Danny: The ruckus could’ve set the table for London Derby problems outside the ground. Things happen, for sure, and the end of that match on the pitch was pretty bonkers. Let’s be grateful nothing came of it (besides inevitable suspensions).