DP on DP crime: Kamara goes off on Higuain after PK incident

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Perhaps this is why a 4-1 lead combusts into a 4-4 draw, Kei Kamara.

The prolific Columbus Crew striker flipped out on fellow Designated Player Federico Higuain on Saturday after the latter decided to take a penalty kick with the club sitting on a 3-1 lead and Kamara hoping for a hat trick.

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Kamara said he felt tricked by Higuain, who tried to give penalty winner Ethan Finlay the attempt, only to keep the ball when Finlay declined.

Higuain converted the attempt before Montreal came back to equalize by stoppage time, and Kamara’s anger lasted into the dressing room with comments like, “That’s not teammates. That’s selfishness.”

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Kamara said the situation hasn’t cooled his desire to play for the Crew, and he said he and Higuain “are good” after talking briefly after the game.

But “the relationship with my playmaker … there is none,” he said. “I never have to worry about it.”

Conventional wisdom, especially in a blowout, states that the guy sitting on two goals gets a look at a hat trick.

But Kamara needed to cool off well before speaking to reporters. Higuain chose not to, and perhaps we know why. Last year’s MLS finalists are showing some cracks in the foundation on the field, and now perhaps off?