Messi reflects on UCL ouster, is rooting for Atletico over Real in final

Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Lionel Messi didn’t beat them, and he will join those rooting for Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona failed in its quest to become the first UEFA Champions League era team to win two-straight European Cups thanks to the infuriating and tight defense of Atleti.

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But with Real Madrid on the opposing bench for the final in Milan, well… Messi might rather chew glass than root for that particular rival.


“It is clear that the people at Barcelona do not want Real Madrid to win anything,” Messi told ESPN. “It would hugely please Barcelona if Atletico beat them in the Champions League final.

“What Atletico Madrid have done is great, it is not easy to beat them. They are a very tough opponent and [Diego] Simeone deserves credit for their performances.”

It would hugely please us if we were watching the back-and-forth of Barca and Real in the final, so thanks for that Leo. Jokes aside, if there’s anything Barca loves as much as winning, it’s watching Cristiano Ronaldo play the frustrated card. Can Atleti succeed where it failed two years ago?