WATCH: Alan Pardew celebrates Puncheon’s goal in FA Cup final with sensual dance

Getty Images

With the FA Cup final scoreless and just 12 minutes to go in regulation, things were getting extremely tense at Wembley Stadium. Manchester United had hit the post twice, and neither team seemed more likely to finish off a chance.

So when substitute Jason Puncheon finally opened the scoring by making a perfectly timed run, latching onto a Joel Ward long ball, and burying it into the back of the net, Alan Pardew had to let off 78 minutes worth of steam.

That apparently involves an attempt at seducing the television viewers with a dance usually saved for after midnight.

Here’s the goal, and you can check out Pardew’s dance moves 1:15 into the video.

On a scale of William Hung to Patrick Swayze, how would you rate Pardew’s dancing skills? Juan Mata wasn’t impressed: