Wojciech Szczesny won’t reveal future plans, praises Roma boss Spalletti

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On-loan goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny wasn’t letting his summer plans slip, with his future caught between parent club Arsenal and last season’s home Roma. But he had some seriously high praise for the Italian side and its current manager.

The 26-year-old told Italian newspaper Il Tempo, “I learned more in four months under [Roma manager Luciano] Spalletti than in 10 years in England.”

“He puts a lot of importance on playing the ball to feet. One day we trained for over 45 minutes just on goal kicks. I really get on with goalkeeping coach [Guido] Nanni too, as he is a great professional and I never get bored. We’ve got a strong friendship. If I have made steps forward in my career, it is thanks to him.”

However, amid the praise for his Italian loan side, Szczesny stopped short of saying where he hoped to be next season or where he thought was most realistic. “I know where I will be playing next season, but I won’t tell,” he said.

There seem to be multiple options on the table for Szczesny. He can obviously return to Arsenal and compete with Petr Cech and David Ospina for next season’s starting spot, but with Cech still performing as one of the Premier League’s best goalkeepers at 34 years old, that seems to be a losing battle.

If Sczcesny wishes to stay at Roma, recent reports have tabbed his price tag at around $22 million, which the Italian club has found difficulty justifying. However, there is also noise that the Gunners would be willing to allow Roma to renew his loan for another season should they be willing to pay his wages in full.

The Polish netminder has said in the recent past he wishes to stay at Roma.