Ibrahimovic to make “big announcement” Tuesday; Manchester United?

Photo by Mikael Sjoberg/Ombrello/Getty Images

Zlatan Ibrahimovic sure does love him some him, but apparently won’t drag his decision out much longer.

The big Swede, 34, is done at Paris Saint-Germain after scoring 156 goals in four seasons including a career-best 50 last season.

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Ibrahimovic is widely expected to join old friend Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, but has delayed announcing his destination until now. Well, tomorrow.

From Sky Sports:

“There will be a big announcement on June 7. It will be this summer’s big bomb,” Ibrahimovic said. “It feels good, feels better than good. A lot will happen with this news, so hopefully you’ll all enjoy.”

In his career, Ibrahimovic has essentially been a title talisman, but he’s never played in the Premier League. Here’s hoping we see that come August.