Spanish prosecutors calling for tax fraud trial for Barcelona’s Neymar

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Of all the valuable lessons Barcelona star Lionel Messi has been able to give Neymar, he probably was least expecting “how to deal with a fraud trial” to join the list.

While Messi’s been charged by the Spanish government for not paying taxes on endorsements, Neymar is dealing with a different issue, accused of hiding the true value of his transfer from Santos to Barcelona.

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The issue isn’t new, as Neymar has protested his innocence for months, but prosecutors are looking to move forward with the issue.

From the BBC:

Spanish prosecutors have called for Brazil and Barcelona football star Neymar to be tried for fraud.

The prosecutors, from Spain’s top criminal court, allege Neymar and his father hid the true value of the player’s multi-million-euro transfer from Santos to Barcelona.

This is not small potatoes, with Spain contesting that Barcelona paid $30 million more to Neymar and his club than it is letting on. On-the-field, Barcelona has been pure gold, but transfer bans and legal accusations have helped to produce a rough half-decade or so off the pitch.