VIDEO: Ugly scenes erupt in France as Russia, England fans clash

Getty Images

Despite UEFA stating that they would kick England and Russia out of EURO 2016 if any more fan violence broke out, pockets of trouble continue to erupt in France.

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Following Russia’s 2-1 defeat to Slovakia in Group B on Wednesday in Lille, Russian and England fans could clearly be seen clashing in the video below posted by talkSPORT’s Stan Collymore.

The former England international roamed the streets of Lille after he claims a firework was thrown by Russian fans into a large group of England supporters to kick off the outbreak.

Watch the video below to take in the scene in the northern French city, as Collymore also claims, and then points out, a Russian fan who he says threw a bottle into the England supporters as they were rounded up by police.

Teargas was then fired into the group of fans to disperse the crowd.

England does not playing bitter rivals Wales (the two nations have actually grouped together, in many instances, to protect themselves against attacks from the Russians) in nearby Lens until tomorrow at 3 p.m. local time.

With 50,000 Welsh and English fans expected to descend on Lens, it could be a long night and morning ahead for the French authorities who also have help from English and Welsh police.

Ugly, disappointing and sad scenes below.