Icelandic company offers post-elimination whale watching tour for England

Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Iceland surprised many with its second-place finish in EURO 2016’s Group F, and some of its fans are going for broke… at least in terms of banter.

England is next on the docket for Iceland, and the Three Lions are widely favored to advance to the next round with a win.

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But a travel company in Iceland is taking advantage of the opportunity to earn some free publicity while taunting England. The business is offering 23 tickets — one for each of the England roster — to the team for a whale watching tour scheduled for Tuesday, the day after the England-Iceland match.


The tickets are offered “as a bandage for wounded pride, after the loss against Iceland this coming Monday,” says the firm, whose manager, Gudbjartur Jonsson, added: “It is only polite and a part of the Icelandic hospitality culture to offer the free tickets.

“The poor English players will anyways not be able to return immediately to England after the match on Monday, as 60 million English football fans will be furious when losing to a small island state with only 300,000 inhabitants.

England is apparently undeterred by taunts — see: Bale, Gareth — and we imagine the size of Iceland will make them see the humor in this. That said, Cristiano Ronaldo certainly didn’t understand emotion in Icelandic culture, so who knows?