LISTEN — “Gareth, Gareth”: An alt-rock ode to Wales’ Bale

David Davies/PA via AP

Thank you, Sid Lowe.

Thank you, Gareth Bale.

Thank you, Emmet Crowley and family.

The first two references¬†are likely familiar to you. One is one of the world’s top footballers and the other a terrific author (“Fear and Loathing in La Liga” is a favorite of mine).

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The third group consists of a music teacher and his wife, big Welsh fans who’ve penned an 80s indie/90s alternative ode to “The Cannon”. It lives somewhere between Radiohead’s “I Might Be Wrong”, Nick Cave B-sides, “Will Grigg’s On Fire”, and a courtyard busker on Game of Thrones.

With mentions of dragons and fire, it’s a real beaut. My favorite line comes from the memorable chorus: “The canon fires, rips the world apart”. So thank you to all three for playing their parts in getting the song to our ears.