Rodgers: “No embarrassment” for Celtic’s Champions League loss to semi-pro side

Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images
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It’s not often we’re writing about the Champions League in July. Usually, any teams of note in qualifying handle their business and move on.

That’s not the case for Brendan Rodgers and Celtic, as the ex-Liverpool man lost his first match in charge of the legendary Scottish outfit.

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That 1-0 loss comes against the semi-pro Lincoln Red Imps, and Rodgers managed to show he’s the same fella we remember. Not only did Rodgers assess the team’s performance as fine, but he discredited the team that beat them by calling them “the local team”.

From the BBC:

“A game that we dominated and had enough chances to score, but sometimes it can happen in games like that, one ball up the pitch and they’re in. We’ve given ourselves a bit of work to do. I saw enough from the game, we created enough to go through. Of course you never want to lose the game. You let the local team have their night, we press on, another week’s training and be better for it. There’s no embarrassment. We never took our chances and they took theirs. The second leg will be different.”

As you were, Brendan. As you were.