Daniel Agger tells tale of playing while addicted to anti-inflammatories

Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Daniel Agger‘s reliance on over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs leads to a scary tale.

Well, it probably leads to a great deal of scary tales, but we only have the one presented to us by The Guardian’s Marcus Christenson and Troels Henriksen.

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Former Liverpool defender Agger tells of the day that finally broke his habit, a day with Brondby that led to his retirement this year at the age of 31.

After wobbling through a pregame routine, jolted by a caffeine shot, Agger has no idea how he got onto the pitch, but he did.


He was not himself, though. His pre-match talk did not make much sense to his team-mates and he struggled with his movement on the pitch. It was as if his vision was not in sync with what was happening around him. Early on he was trying to head a long ball coming towards him but could not see it, misjudged it and it fell on his arm. After 29 minutes, he had to come off. He sat down on the substitutes’ bench but later had to be helped down to the physio room. He does not remember that at all.

We write so much about performance-enhancing drugs that we rarely get to performance-enabling drugs. There are stories like this throughout soccer, football and hockey, but they don’t often see the light of the day.

Cheers to Agger for his honesty.