Mourinho blasts Ronaldo’s “overload of emotion” before Euro 2016 final whistle

Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo’s actions towards the end of the Euro 2016 final have been brought back to light, and not everyone appreciated what the Portuguese superstar did.

Taken out after a knee injury earlier in the match, Ronaldo couldn’t help himself as the clock wound down, gesturing wildly like a coach alongside manager Fernando Santos. Some appreciated the show of leadership, but others weren’t impressed.

Former Portuguese international Antonio Simoes told Portuguese media that Ronaldo’s ego shone through his actions, and Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho agreed.

“Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t help in any way by doing that in the final few minutes of the Euros final,” Mourinho told Portuguese station SporTV. “There were 11 players on the pitch doing their job, and the person in charge of directing them was the coach. I saw it as an overload of emotion from someone who saw that the team was just minutes away from achieving an objective which everyone wanted.”

The former Real Madrid manager added that Ronaldo and other players in similar positions, “are lost in their own little worlds.”

Mourinho’s words are interesting, considering Manchester United’s prior courting of their former striker. Those rumors died a good time ago, and now the Red Devils have Zlatan Ibrahimovic leading their attack.