VIDEO: Most incredible flip goal you’ve ever seen


This is awesome.

In Colorado a high school soccer player though he had scored one of the most amazing goals you’ve ever seen.

Thought being the operative word here.

A game between ThunderRidge and Columbine saw  junior Dylan Prichett-Ettner race down on goal but all looked lost when the goalkeeper came out to get the ball.

That’s just where the story begins.

NBC affiliate 9News takes up the story:

They got to the ball simultaneously and then: the keeper went down, and Dylan went up. Like, way up. He did a front flip with a half twist, NAILED the landing, then proceeded to score. Absolutely incredible.

Here’s the kicker (pun intended): the goal didn’t count. Turns out, the referees decided Prichett-Ettner was offside. So yeah.

Here is the video of the incredible goal which was called offside.

Still that doesn’t really matter, does it?