Klopp admits Premier League tougher, deeper than he thought

Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Before managing in the Premier League, Jurgen Klopp would get a chuckle out of Cup score lines that read, “Southend 1-0 Manchester United”.

Now he gets it.

The Liverpool boss gave yet another revealing interview this week, speaking with The Daily Mail for a sprawling piece on life in England and how he fell in love with Anfield.

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And he also spoke in depth about the strength of professional clubs in England, and how he can just throw reserves out there in Cup competitions and expect to win.

From The Daily Mail:

“All I did not know is how the cup games are. In Germany all you might read is: ‘’Manchester United lost to Milton Keynes, ha ha ha’. You don’t know there were 20 games before, 100 games to go, and they were playing their eighth team. You don’t get a line-up. It’s only, ‘‘Look at them…’

“The big difference to Spain is that Barcelona can play 50 per cent of their games with Team B; or there are games where Lionel Messi runs 4.3 kilometres but scores five goals. That’s a recovery session. England has no recovery session, in absolutely any game.”

Add another name to the list of those who now “get” the challenge of a top-to-bottom league where a lesser light can finish high and a super power can drop down the table.