Lauren Holiday diagnosed with operable brain tumor during pregnancy

Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

USWNT hero champion Lauren Holiday and her husband Jrue had a nightmare in the middle of their pregnancy

Lauren, 28, was diagnosed with an operable brain tumor after suffering massive headaches midway through her pregnancy. The 133-times capped midfielder retired from soccer in 2015 to start her family.

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She’s going to wait until after giving birth to have surgery, and husband Jrue is taking time off from his day job — point guard for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans — to help his wife and child.


“Lauren has her good days and her bad days; some are better than others,” Jrue said. “She’s obviously a fighter, the toughest woman I know. That’s the reason why I married her.”

Jrue said Lauren has numbness on the right side of her face because the tumor is pressing on a nerve. Their baby, he said, is healthy.

Meantime, the Pelicans’ leading assist man is asking fans for one this time around.

“We just ask for your prayers, really pray for my family,” Jrue said. “We can take all the prayers that we can get.”

Surely they’ll have them from much of the soccer and basketball world. Lauren Holiday (nee Cheney) is one of the classiest players you’ll meet, and her husband has a similar reputation in basketball.

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