Spanish site claims secret meeting between Man Utd, Bale’s agent

AP Photo/Francisco Seco

According to Spanish web site Gol, there are big secret plans to bring Gareth Bale to Manchester United.

Yeah, yeah, we know.

Transfer rumors know no season, and the Spanish site claims that agent Jonathan Barnett met “in secret” with United’s Jose Mourinho and Ed Woodward last week.

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The report also claims that none other than Adidas — who represents both Real Madrid, United, and Bale — is a driver in the discussion.

There’s a lot to digest there, huh.

First of all, the idea of secret meetings is hysterical. How often are the details of such meetings between under contract players and their suitors out in the open and public?

Also, Bale has been linked with a new deal at the Bernabeu for a while, and his contract runs through the 2019 season.

The report also says Bale’s new deal will be worth as much as $22 million per season, whether it finds him in Madrid, Manchester, London or Chicago.

See, we can make jokes, too!