Giggs on Swans job: American-owned club always had its eyes on Bradley

Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Ryan Giggs shed some light on his role in interview process at Swansea City, and says he thinks the club’s American ownership was going to hire Bob Bradley the whole time.

Giggs, 42, is Cardiff-born and was whispered as a candidate for the job well before Francesco Guidolin was fired.

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The Manchester United legend says he’s still on his sabbatical from football, but that he has not limited his targets to the Premier League. He said Championship clubs could fit the bill if they have the proper ambition.

As for his full comments on the Swansea search…

From the BBC:

“They probably already had an eye on Bob Bradley, obviously American owners, and for whatever reason it just didn’t quite work out but I wish them luck and I’ll carry on enjoying my sabbatical.

“He’s obviously got experience. He’s been a manager for 30 years now. It’s going to be difficult because of the position they’re in. But when a new manager comes in, sometimes you get a lift, confidence, different ideas, a bit of freshness.”

Yes, the American ownership angle probably helps, but we imagine Premier League clubs in relegation battles aren’t angling to go to a man who’s never led a senior team (even if it worked for Swans with Garry Monk).

Right now, Bob Bradley is a better choice than Ryan Giggs. There’s no shame in that, Ryan.