Pep Guardiola is old school: Find out what Man City have banned now

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“Back in my day…”

After junk food and pizza were given the elbow over the summer, it was recently revealed that new Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has banned WiFi in the players lounge and locker room at their training ground to try and get the squad to talk more.

It turns out the staff under Guardiola is now trying to get an old school vibe back into City’s players at an even younger age…

A piece in the Daily Mirror states that the head of their academy, Jason Wilcox, has now banned all of City’s youth team players under the age of 18 from wearing colorful boots.

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That’s right, just old fashioned black boots for the kids coming up through the ranks at City’s academy as Guardiola’s famed eye for detail and discipline is seeping through the club.

With City’s academy attracting not only the brightest young talent on the planet (including their reported pursuit of 13-year-old Dembele) but also plenty of talented Mancunians, their academy is making quite the name for itself.

No matter how many multi-colored boots you see around the first team, any youngster coming through the academy at City will be old school when it comes to their boots.