PSG captain Thiago Silva unhappy at level of squad information leaked

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Paris Saint-Germain has been up and down on the field so far this season under new boss Unai Emery, but the real struggle may come off it.

In light of a number of reports concerning the dressing room situation, PSG captain Thiago Silva has voiced his displeasure at the amount of inside information that has been leaked to the press in recent weeks, suggesting a fellow player may be responsible.

“What is said in the dressing room must stay there,” Silva said to journalists in the mixed zone after Saturday’s league win at Nancy. “It is incredible so much of this sort of thing gets out in the press. Maybe it is a player who speaks with you [the press], maybe it is somebody else. Either way, it isn’t smart.”

Emery was appointed with the expectation that things would change from the lackadaisical environment that pervaded the club under former boss Laurent Blanc. However, the club leaks have proven anything but. A report by L’Equipe claimed a meeting with players prompted a formational shift by Emery that proves the players still cling to some form of power. Silva dismissed it by saying, “Speaking is important, as well as listening; doing this makes progress.”

However, with the managerial change this summer prompting ownership to claim the move would bring about a “cycle of change,” the club and fans alike will be none too pleased that it seems little has truly been amended from one managerial reign to the other.

PSG returns to Champions League action midweek with a visit from Basel, and they host struggling Olympique Marseille next weekend.