Pep Guardiola says Lionel Messi “knows the complete time-space”

Getty Images

According to Pep Guardiola, Lionel Messi is either a cyborg or a demi-god.

And to be honest, are any of us really going to argue with him?

Ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League rematch between Barcelona and Manchester City, the former Barca boss attempted to dispel any notion that Messi is lazy off the ball by implying that Messi has the super-human mental capacity to comprehend everyone’s place on the pitch at any time.

“It looks like he’s just ambling around and maybe he’s the guy who runs least in the Spanish league,” Guardiola said as quoted in the Daily Mail. “But, boy, when that ball reaches him he knows the complete time-space X-ray of who is where. Then… pow!”

So, Pep, what you’re saying is that Messi is basically a computer?

I’d buy it.

“Messi spends the match making a mental X-ray of every space, every moment,” Guardiola said.”It looks like he’s walking. It seems like he is alone — detached. Or when he sees the defenders are watching him, he will wander off into a space of his own.”

With Manchester City in a massive 4-0 hole, Guardiola will have his work cut out for him trying not only to hold Messi down but also figure out a way to get City back into the matchup.