WATCH: Video emerges of Neymar pushing opponent down stairs

Getty Images

How has Neymar got away with this?

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Following last weekends 1-0 victory over Granada, video footage has emerged showing Neymar pushing Granada’s Ruben Vezo down a flight of stairs as they walked back towards the locker rooms.

Neymar, 24, felt he had been targeted by some hefty challenges from Granada, and Vezo took exception to a challenge from Neymar on one of his teammates.

The trash talk off the pitch continued, it led to the coming together at the top of some stairs.

Watch the footage below to make up your own mind. It’s a small shove, but at the top of some stairs, it’s very dangerous.

According to reports the incident was not mentioned in the referees match report but should La Liga dish out a ban to the Brazilian captain?

Plus, ahead of Barcelona’s 3-1 defeat at Manchester City on Tuesday, Neymar wasn’t looking like the friendliest of characters as he got a little angry with teammate Luis Suarez when he knocked him off balance.

He even posted a video clip of that incident on his Instagram page.