Wenger: “High intensity” North London Derby sees fair draw

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Arsene Wenger believes the North London Derby finished with a fair result, but criticized his team for losing its cutting edge after halftime.

“It was a game of high intensity,” Wenger claimed in his postmatch press conference. “In the second half, we looked a bit more flat physically, a bit less sharp, and we couldn’t find the creativity, the fluidity around the box that we are used to, and I think our level dropped.”

The Frenchman said he looked to break down the back three of Spurs with long balls forward, but that they handled it well, and when they looked to bomb down the wings in the final minutes of the game, the visitors were able to handle that as well.

“Spurs defended well on some crosses in the final 10, 15 minutes,” Wenger said. “With three tall players, we couldn’t make enough of corners, and we missed some crosses as well. Overall it was high intensity, technically I think our levels dropped in the second half, but the desire was there, and ultimately I think a draw was maybe fair.”

“Did we get a little bit of a mental blow when they equalized? I don’t know, but overall I felt that when we were questioned in the final 30 minutes, we had no physical answer good enough to win the game.”

Wenger also took a shot at Victor Wanyama, who was whistled for four fouls in the match but was not booked at any point.

“He [Wanyama] was very lucky to stay on the pitch today,” Wenger said.