Manchester United’s Mourinho claims Arsenal’s Wenger cut more slack

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Handshakes aside, the relationship between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho doesn’t seem so stable.

The longtime bitter rivals meet Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. EDT at Old Trafford. The Premier League returns from international break with Wenger’s fourth-place Arsenal six points clear of Mourinho’s Manchester United.

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Apparently, the United boss doesn’t remember the misery heaped on Wenger when Arsenal fails to clear a hurdle in its race to reclaim Premier League glory, because Mourinho used his Friday press conference to express disappointment in his treatment versus Wenger during this time of relative struggle at Old Trafford.

From the BBC:

“What you get, you do it as a team. In the Premier League – just Premier League – tomorrow is a match between two managers with the best record. Six or seven titles.

“Should we be respected even in periods when our results are not that best? I think Mr Wenger gets that. I don’t think I do even though my last Premier League title was 18 months ago. Not 18 years. No respect.”

No respect? Hardly. While Mourinho’s been known to make salient and fair points regarding the state of the Premier League, this one is a bit of a mess.

Mourinho was fired from Chelsea after seeing his title winners turn into a lower table thing for much of the 2015-16’s early season. And his United is on pace to finish a place lower than it did under Louis Van Gaal last season.