Reports: Plane’s electric failure, no fuel cause of Chapecoense disaster

Photo by Heuler Andrey/Getty Images

No fuel and a “total electric failure” combined to doom the Chapecoense team flight in Colombia, killing 71 people.

Reports say the plane had a fuel expectation of 1842 miles, and crashed six miles beyond that maximum.

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Two members of the United States’ National Transportation Safety Board have headed to South America to help with the investigation, which has audio of the pilot’s concerns.


On the audiotape, the pilot can be reportedly heard repeatedly requesting permission to land because of a “total electric failure” while a female controller gives instructions.

As for the survivors, two have non-life threatening injuries and a third was expected to recover from chest trauma and a broken leg.

Three players’ injuries are documented as such:

The worst off was reserve goalkeeper Jackson Ragnar Follman, who had one leg amputated and whose remaining foot doctors are trying to save. Another player, defender Hélio Hermito Zampier, better known as “Neto,” was in critical but stable condition. And Alan Ruschel underwent spinal surgery but has been able to move him upper and lower limbs.

Stay tuned as we learn more about this horrible event.

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