VIDEO: Cancer sufferer Bradley Lowery guest of honor for Sunderland vs. Chelsea


Five-year-old Sunderland fan Bradley Lowery has captured the hearts of the soccer world.

Lowery is fighting a rare form of cancer for the second time and the latest diagnosis was terminal. He has been given just months to live.

Last season he walked out with Sunderland in their game against Everton and has since received treatment to try and cure his cancer but earlier this month news arrived that the cancer was back and had spread.

Bradley was the guest of honor at Sunderland’s game against Chelsea on Wednesday as he had a kick around on the pitch with the players before the game, walked out with Sunderland’s Jermain Defoe for the match, fans sung his name in the stands and there was applause from both sets of supports five minutes into the match with banners supporting him held up all around the Stadium of Light.

There has since been huge support for the penalty kick he scored in the warm up against Asmir Begovic (with some expert tips from Chelsea star Diego Costa) to win Goal of the Month in the Premier League.

Below, and above, are some video clips showing the incredible generosity of not only the two Premier League clubs in questions, but thousands of people around the world who are determined to help him keep fighting.

You can help donate to his cause here as over $870,000 has already been raised for Lowery from clubs, fans and people across the globe.

The soccer community is capable of coming together in times of need unlike many others.

The story of Wednesday for Bradley

Chelsea’s players spent time with Bradley before their 1-0 win on Wednesday

Jermain Defoe is Bradley’s hero

Premier League Goal of the Month campaign gaining momentum

Bradley has received tens of thousands of Christmas cards from people all over the world after an Everton fan started a petition. Some reports say 28,000 cards a day have been arriving

Sunderland’s bitter rivals Newcastle also applauded in the fifth-minute of their last home game to support Bradley’s fight