Wenger complains about “protected” referees after loss to Man City

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was angered about both Manchester City goals following a 2-1 loss at the Etihad on Sunday.

Wenger made a point of singling out the refereeing decisions both in his postmatch interview and in the press conference, complaining how decisions went against the Gunners.

First, in his television interview, he said, “the decisions went against us, the two goals were two offside goals, and in a game of that stature, I feel that enough is enough for us because we’ve got some bad decisions all season and today I look at the goals, both offside.”

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Then, in his press conference, he continued that with an interesting analogy. “We conceded two offside goals. The referees are protected very well, that is right, like the lions in the zoo.”

On replay, the first goal it appears that Leroy Sane was offside, but only by the most minute of margins. The second goal, however, appears to have been officiated correctly, with Raheem Sterling onside on Kevin De Bruyne‘s stunning cross-field pass.

Wenger, however, maybe should be more concerned about his team’s complete lack of attacking presence, with almost nothing on net after opening the scoring just five minutes into the game.

Looks like Arsenal was just plain outplayed, a worrying thought for a Gunners squad that has coughed up a pair of 1-0 leads in their last two.