Mats Hummels bleached his hair after losing an Oktoberfest bet

Associated Press

Bayern Munich defender Mats Hummels says he was forced to bleach his hair after losing a bet over Oktoberfest.

The 28-year-old, who usually has jet black hair, showed up to Bayern’s 3-0 win over Leipzig with bleached blond hair, which sparked a few opp-topic questions following the match.

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Apparently, Hummels was trounced in a game of Skittles, a sport that’s essentially like mini-bowling, thus he had to pay up, but he’s not too bummed about it all. “I was afraid it would look worse,” Hummels admitted. “It will grow out so in a few weeks it will all be over.”

Hummels wouldn’t say who he lost the game and bet to, but told us he was obliterated. “After one throw, my opponent had already knocked over more than I had in my three attempts.” Bummer.