Northern Irelan FA seeks meeting with FIFA president after poppy fine

Getty Images

The Irish Football Association has issued a statement saying they will seek an “urgent meeting” with FIFA president Gianni Infantino “to seek clarity on the issue” after being fined for displaying poppies during a World Cup qualifier back in early November.

England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland were all fined for displaying poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day, but FIFA prohibits”political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images” from being displayed.

The statement said that there is no appeal process for the fine, and that the Northern Ireland FA had previously spoken to FIFA to ensure they were complying with the rules. “Having following the guidance in the delivery of the acts of remembrance at the match, it is extremely disappointing that the FIFA disciplinary committee came to the conclusion that it did.”

The fine was approximately $14,500, and while that amount is likely close to irrelevant for a national association, it sets a precedent moving forward for future remembrance ceremonies.

When the fines were announced, FIFA disciplinary committee chairman Claudio Sulser said that while he “fully respected” the meaning behind the ceremonies, he made a point to insist that the rules “need to be applied to all member associations.”