Championship match abandoned at halftime for fog despite improving conditions

Fulham FC

An important Championship match between Fulham and Reading was abandoned at halftime for thick fog. After seeing images of play in the first half, the decision was understandable…but as images of the pitch conditions after the break were shared, it appears soccer has gone a bit soft.

For much of the first half, visibility was low, but not once was play stopped. As you can see both above and below, fog was a major factor during play:

Once the match reached halftime with the score 0-0, the referees came together and decided to call off the rest of the match. That seemed an odd decision, considering the fog had lifted significantly during the break. Both sets of fans were angered with the decision, who chanted “you don’t know what you’re doing” as the referees made their way off the field. You can see why the fans were upset:

According to the official Fulham Twitter account, the game was abandoned because linesman said they could not see across the whole field. Seems odd that they would make that determination at halftime when the fog lifted, but said nothing throughout the first half when visibility was incredibly low.

The match will have to be replayed at some point, especially considering the match was an important one. Reading sits in third position on 43 points, six points back of Newcastle in the final automatic promotion spot, while Fulham sits in seventh, three back of a playoff spot.

There was another Championship game abandoned for fog, as Brighton and Cardiff City called off their game, but that decision was made before the match began.