Wenger unimpressed with PL matches over first half of season

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

“Entertain me.”

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That’s likely what Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is thinking following Friday’s press conference where the veteran manager stated that he felt unimpressed by the Premier League’s matches over the first half of the season.

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Perhaps Wenger’s comments stem from Arsenal’s fourth-place standing in England, but whatever the reason may be, the Frenchman certainly didn’t mince words ahead of this weekend’s clash against Crystal Palace.

“Overall it was a very promising Premier League with the best managers of the world all here competing – it promised to be an exceptional year, but until now I think it has been disappointing on all levels,” Wenger said. “We have not produced the games, the Premier League has not produced the games that are remembered.

The 67-year-old did go on to say that the overall quality in the PL is top notch and that the ability for every team to win week in and week out could very much contribute to the fact that the league has lacked any “spectacular” matches.

“Maybe [it is because] both teams are always top quality. I think everybody is under pressure first not to lose. Every game has become so important, maybe as well because the difference between the favorite teams and the smaller teams means that some teams just defend.

“I just feel there is more in the league than what we’ve produced. I include myself in that and you always think that a Premier League year is remembered as well by the two or three games that were absolutely spectacular. At the moment we have not produced that as a league.

While Wenger is obviously very busy with his squad, Bournemouth’s 4-3 victory over Liverpool and Swansea’s 5-4 win against Crystal Palace are just two of the several fixtures that the Frenchman should go back and watch from the current campaign.