Wenger calls Giroud goal art, Bellerin says he’s done it before in training

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Olivier Giroud may say he had “maximum luck” on his incredible scorpion-kick goal today against Crystal Palace, but some other Arsenal folks disagreed.

Manager Arsene Wenger in the postmatch press conference called the goal “art” saying, “Olivier transformed that goal into art. Art because of the surprise, because the beauty of the movement and because the efficiency of the movement – the ball went in.”

Wenger said that, because the goal was more of a reflexive action than anything, it’s actually not as “It’s a reflex and I think all of us [on the team] can score this kind of goal,” said Wenger. “The strength, the power and the reflex to kick the ball. Groud is very good in front of goal from crosses but I’ve never seen this kind of goal from him.”

While the Gunners boss might have been blown away by the goal, teammate Hector Bellerin wasn’t. In the postmatch interview alongside Giroud, Bellerin said he’s become accustomed to seeing things like this from the Frenchman. “I couldn’t believe it, that’s why I went straight to him. It’s a great goal, I’ve seen Olli do stuff like that in training, so we know what he’s capable of.” That brought a chuckle from Giroud, who gave Bellerin a pat on the back.

Where can we get tickets to those training sessions?

On the other side of things, Crystal Palace manager Sam Allardyce was forced to watch that spectacular effort while being frustrated with the finishing from his forwards. “A stunning goal, by the way, an outstanding ability on his finish,” Allardyce remarked on Giroud’s effort, before saying, “When you come here, you’ve got to take your chances, and you’ve got to take them at the right time, and the right time for us was Benteke’s header just after halftime. We may not have won from there on, but it would have given us a better chance, it would have given us a lift.”