Polish, Romanian teams intentionally miss PKs, question match-fixing (Video)

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images
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Match fixing is sad but true reality at times in sports, but players in Europe took a stand at what they believed to be cheating in a recent exhibition match.

Players from Romanian side Astra Giurgiu and Pogon Szczecin of Poland’s first division each suspected that the referee manning Wednesday’s match was attempting to fix the scoreline after several decisions the players believed to be questionable.

Pogon ultimately won the match 3-1 when it was all said and done.

As shown in the video, the referee awards three penalty kicks, all of which were far from sure things. In return, players from both teams intentional missed their ensuing attempts in order to preserve the credibility of the match.

While it’s uncertain that any wrongdoing actually occurred, it’s good to know that players indeed care about the gamesmanship, as shown in this situation.

Watch the video below as players from both teams intentionally miss penalties: