Allardyce: “I thought it would’ve been easier” to lead Palace players

Martin Rickett/PA via AP

Even when Sam Allardyce blames himself, it sure sounds like he’s blaming his players.

The struggling Crystal Palace boss didn’t have many answers after the Eagles fell 1-0 to Stoke City on Saturday, leaving the club 19th in the Premier League table.

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Allardyce’s career boast that he’s never been relegated isn’t looking certain to continue despite a talented team at Selhurst Park.

And it’s his fault, you know, because his rube-like players aren’t understanding him. Maybe we’re just piling on the former England boss, but how would you react if you read this from your boss?

From the BBC:

“It’s not been the results I expected. I thought it would have been easier for me to get the players to understand certain things. We all need to take more responsibility but we have to keep our chins up and graft away.”

“Today the overall performance was there but the result wasn’t. It’s a results business and we need them fast. I have got four new players and two weeks before our next game so it’s a lot of work coming up.”

I’d enjoy playing for Sam Allardyce the way someone enjoys a glass of pond water when extremely thirsty; Yeah I’m doing and getting what I want, but only just.