PHOTO: Player celebrates goal by chugging a pint of beer


Cheeky. Very cheeky.

In a non-league game in England over the weekend one player took celebrating a goal to a whole new level.

Corby Town FC defender Jason Lee (No.6 in the incredible photo below taken by Alison Bagley) took a sip of a fans beer as the players celebrated with their supporters following the lone goal in a 1-0 win over Mickleover Sports.

The win took seventh-tier Corby out of the relegation zone in the Northern Premier League Premier Division, so obviously the players were pumped.

Lee has seen the photo go viral and has been treated like a hero in his day job as a construction worker. Speaking to the BBC, he’s now worried about what he’ll have to do when he next scores…

“After the goal was scored we all went off to celebrate with Ben, but a fan had spilled his pint, and another fan had thrown his pint up in the air,” Lee said.”Everyone was celebrating, everyone was drenched, but I didn’t want the spilled pint to go to waste so I just thought I’d have a cheeky sip. I got busted, caught out by the photographer. Everyone within the five-metre radius thought it was funny. I thought I was just going to get a kick out of making those guys laugh, and now it’s gone viral.”

Lee also added that he though it was lager but instead cider, which surprised him a little. Still, he chugged it like a champ before complaining of “severe heartburn” later in the game.

What a hero.