U.S. Soccer hires “performance director” from the Premier League

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

U.S. Soccer announced the hiring of James Bunce as “High Performance Director” on Monday.

Bunce, 31, comes from the Premier League, where he was Head of Performance. Before that, he was Head of Sport Science for the PL, having come from Southampton where he held the role of Head of Athletic Development.

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So, High Performance Director… What’s that all mean? From U.S. Soccer:

As U.S. Soccer’s High Performance Director, Bunce will lead the supporting personnel and initiatives dedicated to enhancing elite athletic performance and improving the development of younger players. Bunce’s high performance leadership will cover all areas across physical development, nutrition, recovery, strength and conditioning, mental conditioning, performance data and performance research and innovation.

Sounds like a good pull for Sunil Gulati and U.S. Soccer.